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Online communications advisor, project manager and copywriter

You can hire me as communications advisor and / or project manager for your communication projects or as copywriter in the following areas:

  • online communications - Internet, Intranet, electronic newsletters;
  • internal communication;
  • web usability;
  • web design.

What can I do for your communications?

To elaborate more clearly what I could do for you, here are some examples:

Online Communications

  • Project management for all your online projects - Internet, Intranet and mobile apps;
  • Project management for and/or advise on re-designs of Internet- / Intranet sites;
  • SEO copywriting - Internet, Intranet and digital newsletters.

Interim Internal Communications

  • Develop a new (strategic) communication structure;
  • Review and, if necessary, improve your current (strategic) communication structure;
  • Write communication plans;
  • Project management for the production of communication tools prescribed by the communication plan;
  • Project management for the development and implementation of your (new) house style;
  • Copywriting for your brochures and manuals.

These are only a few examples of how I could help you. Have you got a communications query in the area of online communications or internal communications? Then, contact Clearly Communications to discuss the possibilities.

Clearly Communications is in the possession of a VAR-WUO declaration and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 34289637.